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Learn More About Our For Sale By Owner Package

We offer a comprehensive package that provides you with everything you’ll need to confidently broker the sale of your own business.

Education and training is a cornerstone of this package. You’ll save hundreds of hours of research online with our 2-hour training that can be conducted in-person or remotely through Skype, Zoom or Google Meet.

But you’ll also gain insider access to our premium site and directory listings, digital marketing, phone call scripts, checklists and legal agreement templates – plus an experienced broker to consult with you and coach you every step of the way. 

a man writes on a glass wall deciding if it is the right time to buy a business

Here's what's included in the package:

Save hundreds of hours of research with this personalized, 2-hour educational workshop with Hank Bockus, founder and owner of Bockus Consulting. Learn everything about the complex steps you’ll need to take as well as advanced skills in negotiation. This FSBO training is valued at $1,200 alone.

Our experienced digital marketing will provide behind the scenes support in driving traffic to your elite listings across the web. 

The full version of this report is much more comprehensive than the free version offered. You’ll get a lengthy report that is more accurate, detailed and vetted.

A beautiful, polised 1-page document that represents your business accurately for a great first impression.

There are hundreds of things to consider before beginning the process of selling and before entering into an agreement with a buyer. This list will give you everything you need to make sure you’ve done your due diligence.

Our team will conduct thorough research and provide you with a strategic list of potential buyers. 

The contract that attorney’s need to move forward with a deal. 

The contract that is lighter-duty than the Asset Purchase agreement but will help you get the process started while helping all parties remain protected.

Our list of trusted attorneys and accountants.

Don’t know what to say on the phone? When calling prospects, this script will keep you safe and successful. 

When meeting potential buyers, it’s important to protect your business from poachers. This will ensure that only the right people know you’re selling.

a kid plays with origami tiles at a daycare that was sold by bockus consulting and business brokerage

I had never sold a business before and didn’t know what to expect.  I relied on Bockus Consulting's expertise to help me navigate this very complicated transaction.  In the end – I am so happy with the results.


For Sale By Owner Solutions & Training Package

Details & Pricing
$ 2,850
  • 2-Hour Personalized Training Workshop
  • Digital Marketing And Elite Business Listings
  • Comprehensive Full Version Broker's Opinion of Value Report
  • A Polished Business Profile Document For Distributing to Prospects
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Custom List of Prospects Generated By The Bockus Consulting Team
  • Template And Instructions For Asset Purchase Contract
  • Letter of Intent Template
  • Trusted List of Attorneys and CPA's
  • Phone Call Script For Prospecting
  • Confidentiality Agreement Template